Ferrari has graced the world with dozens of amazing supercars, and the F50 continues to be regarded as one of the best. The owner of this example from London wanted everyone around to feel envy, so he swapped the OEM exhaust out for a Tubi Style straight pipe.
ARB, a tuning house founded in Australia in 1975, has announced a wide range of off-road-friendly options and accessories coming for the Ford Ranger pickup.
Caterham Cars CEO Graham McDonald has confirmed that the development of an all-electric Seven sports car prototype is underway, and that the launch is penciled in for 2023.
First buyers received their 3:4 replicas of the historical Bugatti Type 35 this week. The Little Car Company sells the road-legal imitation to children and those adults who think they will fit inside.
Hyundai unveiled its Ioniq 5 compact electric SUV in Europe in February, and will be bringing the model to the USA on May 24, 2021. Here are some of its specifications.
Nissan’s simple and unassuming Altima sedan is almost as far as it gets from a real sports car, but Chris Forsberg – a winning racer of the Formula Drift series – decided to crush that preconception.
Almost a year ago, German tuning house Lumma Design showed us the first sketches of an upcoming body kit for the 2021 Land Rover Defender – and here come photos of the first finished kit on a car.


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