BMW has held a presentation dedicated to its Concept XM in Miami Beach yesterday, M Performance’s first standalone car and a part-electric one, at that.
Car restoration shops work miracles sometimes, mixing multiple automotive eras and designs in a single restomod project. This Ford with vaguely Bronco-esque looks, but a F-150 SVT Raptor chassis serves a prime example.
During a press conference in Japan, Nissan has revealed its brand strategy until 2030 saying it would focus on electric cars first and foremost.
Subaru has revealed the most powerful Levorg wagon so far. Dubbed the STI Sport R, it uses the same powertrain as the new WRX sedan and comes in at a ¥1.3 million premium over its standard version.
Markus Schaefer, Head of Mercedes-Benz Research division, has posted a new teaser pic of the upcoming Vision EQXX Concept along with its reveal date.
As we reported a while ago, the Novitec tuning program for the gorgeous envisions an aerodynamic kit, a sound-adjustable exhaust system and a power upgrade for the stock V12 TT. Here is what the build is capable of.
WayRay, an automotive startup founded by Vitaliy Ponomarev, has unveiled an EV concept named the Holograktor. As futuristic as it might seem, the developer hopes to bring it to the market in four years.


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