Volkswagen has shared some details pertaining to its upcoming ID.5 model, essentially a coupe-like/upmarket version of the ID.4. Here is what the sportier out of the two IDs gets.
Mercedes-Benz will launch its next all-electric flagship – the SUV-shaped EQE – next year, followed by an even larger model a while after that.
Mercedes-Benz unveiled the next-gen C-Сlass sedan and wagon in February this year (see video for details), along with announcing an All-Terrain version of the wagon. It has now been sighted on the streets.
Bentley’s in-house customizer has teamed up with Italy-based Bucci Composites to produce what it claims to be the world’s largest carbon-fiber wheel so far. The 22-inch set should hit production this year.
The Romanian affordable car marque seems determined not to shun from electrification, but its next Renault 5-based EV will not come until 2026 or later.
Little Car Company has announced the release of a downsized replica of the iconic Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa for children. It is 1/4 smaller than the original (watch the video and compare with the pictures), based on OEM blueprints, and authorized by Ferrari.
Asked in Twitter this weekend whether Tesla will offer a standard steering wheel option for the new Model S, CEO Elon Musk replied simply, ‘No’.


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