The three-motor Plaid spec of the Tesla Model S has once again been recognized as the fastest production EV on the North Loop after covering the entire 20.8-kilometer-long track in 7 minutes 25.231 seconds. The company posted photos and videos from the site.
Stellantis will be investing €160,000,000 into designing and producing another electric car, Reuters reports. It will allegedly be styled as a crossover SUV and reach the dealerships in 2025.
A BMW 503 custom-made 63 years ago for the Prince of Kuwait is on sale in Moscow, Russia right now for an asking price of 25 million RUB (307,500 USD). The seller claims it is in excellent condition.
Some Tesla EV drivers in the United States discovered that their Adaptive Cruise Control radar stopped working after visiting a dealership for maintenance. As it now turns out, this is neither a coincidence nor maintenance error: Tesla Inc. explicitly instructs the dealers to physically unplug the radars.
The famous founder of Shelby American, the late Carroll Shelby, would have turned 100 years old this year. To commemorate his contribution to the car industry, his company produced a batch of 100 heavily tuned pickup trucks.
Tesla has launched a small recall campaign after receiving a notification from NHTSA about an assembly defect 137 Model Y SUVs shipped with that could cause the steering wheel to detach from the column while driving. Carscoops points out that the automaker had refused to initiate the recall without third-party investigation results at hand.
Braun Sports Cars and Zachau Design have joined efforts to produce a restomod called The Saint based on a Volvo P1800 dating back to the ‘60s. The designer of the original car, Pelle Petterson, was part of the team.