Few classic racecars are as sought-after as the Plymouth Superbird, which went out of production more than half a century ago with only around 2,000 units in existence. One of these rare ‘Birds showed up to this year’s SEMA show – but it was a far cry from stock.
A finely restored classic car costs a small fortune and attracts all kinds of attention, including the unwanted kind. The person who ordered this 1978 Chevrolet K5 Blazer restored did much to ensure it looked world-weary and not at all a good ride to steal.
Automaker Fisker has shared an insightful video demonstrating the assembly process of its all-electric crossover SUV, the Ocean. The company started mass production last week and hopes to make just 300 units of the car in the coming months.
A unique rocket bike designed by engineer Robert Maddox with twin pulse-jet engines will cross the auction block in North America in early January 2023. Passing similarities with the 1929 Harley-Davidson racing bike notwithstanding, the project is unrelated to the famous brand.
A 50-year-old BMW 2002 will be sold at an auction in Munich, Germany soon. The company produced over 420,000 such cars in total, but only 200 of them were convertibles (see video). Despite the rarity, the value of the car is estimated at €70,000 or less.
The current, eighth generation of the Chevrolet Corvette enjoys a wide assortment of body kit parts and aftermarket accessories to choose from, but the latest offer from Racing Sport Concepts is a complete look.
Street Hunter USA has come out with a styling package compatible with the Subaru BRZ and its technical full twin, the Toyota GR 86. Let us see what is included.