The 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class Coupe still comes across as beautiful and fresh, but the automaker seems prepared to update it once again.
An ultra-rare Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing will be offered for bidding in Arizona at the end of the month, sporting an exclusive paint scheme and a unique exterior/interior finish combo. The exclusivity value alone should enable it to sell for $1.45 – $1.65 million.
This 1952 Hirohata Merc just fetched $1.95 million USD at an auction. Having been built by none other than the legendary George Barris, the coupe is widely considered a timeless hot rod icon. It even entered the National Historic Vehicle Register in 2017.
Despite having been designed by the famous Giovanni Michelotti, the Ferrari Meera S is widely considered among the marque’s weirdest creations in history.
How much overconfidence does it take to challenge a Tesla Model S Plaid to a highway duel? A whole lot and then some, knowing the electric ride has bested all opponents Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren threw at it. The owner of this Nissan 370Z felt he still needed to try – and was humiliated harder than he could expect.
Homegrown Frankencars tend to perform every bit as ghastly as they look, but this Nissan 240X is totally worth adding to the list of exceptions.
The latest BMW M3 and M4 look far bolder than they sound, and have the ever-stricter EU emission standards to thank for that. Some countries do not require particle filters for some car applications, though, and this one had its filter deleted in the name of art.