Cyan Racing puts a price on its Volvo P1800 restomod for North America

27-05-2022 17:30
Back in 2020, Cyan Racing caused big ripples in the car enthusiast community when it unveiled a gorgeous, tastefully restored and tuned Volvo P1800. The car was as much of a shocker as its price was, and it is now coming to the United States at last.

Back in 2020, Cyan Racing caused big ripples in the car enthusiast community when it unveiled a gorgeous, tastefully restored and tuned Volvo P1800. The car was as much of a shocker as its price was, and it is now coming to the United States at last.

Those who would like to steal a glimpse of this piece of automobile restoration art should book a ticket to The Quail meetup scheduled for August 9, 2022. Buying it will lighten your bank account by $700,000 USD – you could obtain a couple of McLaren 720S for that kind of money and still have enough remaining to afford a more mundane vehicle.

Regardless, the P1800 Cyan is being sold in ‘better-than-new’ condition and comes powered by an adapted racing powertrain based on the 2.0-liter Volvo S60 TC1 four-banger. The mill revs up to 7,700 RPM and hits the wheels with 420 PS (413 hp / 309 kW) and 455 Nm (336 lb-ft) of torque. Driver gets to row their own gears thanks to a five-speed dogbox transmission.

Elsewhere, the restomod boasts frame reinforcements, all-new carbon-fiber bodywork, a widened track and a new suspension system based on coilovers, Cyan shock valves and other upgrades. It rides on 18-inch centerlock wheels and has four-piston brake calipers all around.

The interior emanates the same retro aura as the exterior does, but foregoes period-correctness with modern touches such as the digital dash screen.

Editor Andrew Raspopov
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