Novitec promotes the idea of sporty elegance in the Ferrari Roma

17-11-2021 17:30
We know it can be difficult to believe, but the Ferrari Roma has already turned two years old, so calling it ‘brand new’ could be an overstatement. German tuner Novitec must have gotten the notice, because it unleashed a tuning kit for the Italian grand tourer.

We know it can be difficult to believe, but the Ferrari Roma has already turned two years old, so calling it ‘brand new’ could be an overstatement. German tuner Novitec must have gotten the notice, because it unleashed a tuning kit for the Italian grand tourer.

The list opens with an extensive body kit sporting an ‘exposed carbon’ look. The front end in particular looks completely new thanks to a different splitter and grille. The sides follow the same design direction, and the rear end impresses with its slightly retouched diffuser, a rear wing cover, and a single standing fin.

All in all, the aero parts look surprisingly tame on the supercar and go well with its original aesthetics – something that cannot be said about many other styling packages out there. A major exception comes in the form of flashy forged Vossen rollers measuring 21” front and 22” rear. Along with a 35mm (1.4”) drop in ride height, these wheels attract plenty of attention to the car. Then again, if you would rather prefer something more understated than brushed silver, the tuner offers a total of 72 wheel finishes.

The interior is also gorgeous with leather and Alcantara covering every surface in sight. Novitec says customers can pick virtually any combination of colors and trim materials.

Power for the extra-comfortable Ferrari comes from its original 3.9-liter V8, but a host of modifications in the engine bay make sure it produces 704 PS (694 hp / 518 kW) instead of 620 PS (611 hp / 456 kW). The torque also makes a jump from its usual 760 Nm (561 lb-ft) to 882 Nm (651 lb-ft).

No prices have been disclosed, but you can buy a stock Ferrari Roma in the USA starting from $222,630 – if you can find one for the MSRP, that is.

Editor Andrew Raspopov
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